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    Day 5:
    Favorite hug(s)
    → I love all their hugs, I’ve always adored seeing them embrace each other. It’s their thing. My favourite is the one at the beach in season 2. It’s such a significant moment. It’s the moment when I said “they’re back”. It was an hard journey for them that season, they lost each other… but when Lucas said “It’s just you and me this summer” and Peyton leaned on him, you simply know that, as Mark said, there are still embers. The hug in 5x05 is such an happy hug, they’re thrilled to see each other again. As soon as Peyton saw Lucas she ran into his arms and those smiles are so beautiful. I love both hugs in 4x01 (such a good when to start a season), it always warms me how Lucas has his eyes closed while Peyton is in his arms, like feeling her it’s exactly what he needs. And the coda for 4x01 with that voiceover about “that someone will find you” was perfection. And then in season 6 they’re so lovely and adorable, it’s impossible not to *asdfghjkl*. Seeing them in 6x17 was so heartbreaking but that hug in the end both kills you and gives you hope that they will beat the odds again like they always do.


    "Can’t keep your eyes off my fatty, daddy I want you"


    Lucas ♥ Peyton Appreciation Week  Day 5: Favorite hug(s) aka best hugs everrrr

    BEYONCÉ one liners

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